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Hey there! Thanks for your interest in my Senior Model program, this is year 7 of having a Senior Model team.. ok, you are wondering what's is a senior model team. Well, basically it's a group of HS Juniors from several schools ( boys and girls) that are nice, kind and want to work with me as their senior photographer. 

My Senior models and I develop lasting connections that last past their senior year! so it's important for me to select kids that match my values and will represent my brand, we work together until their high school graduation and sometimes beyond that! Class of 2022 had 5 group shoots and a makeup class. The camaraderie amongst the senior models is AMAZING! Every year I'm blown away by the amazing kids that are part of my senior program.

Senior Model Program 

My favorite senior model shoots  

1. What are the benefits of the Senior Model program?
You will get to participate in Exclusive Senior Model only shoots, you can participate in creative shoots, learn how to pose, make new friends and get amazing pictures.. oh yeah, you can also get published in magazines! Some of my Senior Models have been published! 

2. Is there a fee to join the senior model program?
Yes, This year there's a $200 fee to cover clothing or miscellaneous things for  the senior model shoots and . In addition you  will  pay for your ELITE  senior session fee. 

3. Are you looking for Juniors in any specific school?
Not really! I have Senior Models from public and private schools in St. Louis.  A lot of my models come from Ladue HS, MICDS, Villa, St. Joe's, St. Dominic, Ursuline, Visitation, Whitfield, Kirkwood, Parkway, Eureka, St Louis High School, Westminster. 

4. Do I have to have modeling experience or look a certain way to be a Senior model?
No.  I will teach you how to pose and we will find your best angles together! I pick my models based on PERSONALITY. I want to show you how beautiful you are! 

5. I'm so busy, how much of a time commitment is this? 
Most of the shoots are during the summer or weekends. you can participate as much or as little as you want! 


Applications for class of 2024  COMING IN NOVEMBER